Ian Blackford for Ross, Skye and Lochaber


My priority will be to campaign on local issues that are important to people here, and in particular to focus on what has to be done to gain the trust of those who live and work here.

We suffer from a competitive disadvantage in our connectivity be it transport, digital or unfair delivery charges. This is something I am determined to fight to improve, working with colleagues in Westminster and Holyrood, and particularly our local MSP, Dave Thompson.

The Scottish Government has invested in transport and broadband but more needs to be done. The Scottish Government has invested in health and education; we can, for example, look forward to a new hospital in Broadford. The Scottish Government wants to do more, however cuts imposed from Westminster hold us back.

We need to create the circumstances where there are opportunities for young families to stay and prosper here. I will also champion land reform, an issue which is very much unfinished business.

Amongst other things, I will make sure there is effective support for crofting and fishing. I will be pushing hard for the additional funding that Europe gave to the UK, a total of €223 million predominantly meant for Scottish hill farmers, reaches crofters and farmers here. This has not happened. It has disappeared into a black hole within Westminster.

There are proposals to reform the crown estate, but they do not go far enough. Our communities should benefit directly from the profits of the crown estate. These are valuable funds that would be better used in creating sustainable growth in our communities.

The referendum campaign brought home to us that the electors in Ross, Skye and Lochaber wish to be engaged in their own future and to participate in creating local democracy. I would like to see local communities empowered, and explore how we can better deliver local government.

I want to listen and engage with the electors on these topics, as I believe they are important areas where reform is needed.

Trust is key and my pledge is clear. I will be a hardworking MP who gives this constituency the time that it deserves.